frequently asked questions:

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When can I get the JOPAT BACKPACK?

We started our crowdfunding campaign in January to be able to finance the minimum order quantity. We managed to do that and have already collected over 100 pre-orders!  In July 2021, the backpacks are expected to be in Germany and ready for shipping!

Our campaign & our timeline:

Our timeline for the shipping of the Jopat.


 What is the difference between "waterproof" and "water repellent"?

Waterproof means that the material is so tight that no water can pass through. Here you should stay dry, no matter how long you are out in the rain and also when you go swimming with it. As you know it from watches, for example, the pressure on the material also plays a role. The pressure on the surface of a lake is different from that under water. If a material is water-repellent, water or dirt will roll off the surface and be prevented from penetrating into the interior. In the case of continuous or heavy rain, however, it cannot be ruled out that water will penetrate into the interior over time.

What material do we use for the outer skin?

For the JOPAT BACKPACK we use a high quality, phthalate and BPA free PVC tarpaulin, tested according to REACH standards. This means it meets the European quality standards. Inside is a fabric which is coated on both sides. This makes it tearproof, easy to clean and completely waterproof thanks to welded seams. In addition, it is resistant to weathering and decomposition and protects against many chemical substances. We have been using the material on our prototypes (which we use daily) for almost two years and have not yet been able to detect any defects such as breakages or the like.

How do the materials react to salt water?

Since we live in the south of Germany, the practical use of the backpack only came into contact with salt water during vacation and otherwise with fresh water. Our own experience is therefore limited (we could not find any deficiencies). According to the manufacturer and internet research, there should be no problems!

Since the roll top closure is sealed with a metal buckle, you should make sure to maintain it regularly, e.g. with a suitable oil or grease. Especially with the moving parts there could be a corrosion, even though we could not find a lack of our test buckles so far. We have also been using these for almost 2 years.

How can I maintain the JOPAT BACKPACK?

The metal buckle can be maintained with a suitable oil or grease on the moving parts.

The waterproof TIZIP zipper must be lubricated from time to time. For this purpose, apply the lubricating grease carefully in the area of the port (upper end) on the front and back, as well as inside at the transition to the zipper chain. Do not use sliding grease along the zipper chain. Then remove excess sliding grease to avoid stains. We recommend to use the original TIZIP sliding grease. TIZIP zippers should be stored completely closed, dry, clean and without bending.
How to handle this and the other zippers optimally, you will find out in a separate point.

Store the backpack in a dry place, if possible without bending it, since kinks could remain visible for a certain period of time.
If you take care of your JOPAT BACKPACK, you will be able to use it for many years!

Our zippers:

There are 3 zippers in each backpack. We offer 2 different backpack models. For both we use a standard zipper from YKK.

for the inner compartment.

We use a water-repellent zipper (YKK) on the back padding for the secret compartment. For this reason the secret compartment is not waterproof, but only water-repellent. 

For one model we also use a water-repellent zipper from YKK for the front pocket. Therefore the front pocket is not completely waterproof, but only water-repellent. In rafting you should therefore not put things there that must not get wet. Rain cannot penetrate through the water-repellent zipper according to previous experience. In case of heavy rain we recommend to pack the contents into the main compartment.

For our second backpack model we use the air and waterproof MasterSeal zipper from TIZIP (made in Germany) for the front pocket. According to the manufacturer's specifications, this can withstand a pressure of 200 mbar. So you can also capsize during rafting (which will never happen to you). However, it is not suitable for diving. Like the outer skin of the backpack, it is resistant to weather, oil and petrol. It is suitable for use in fresh and salt water. 

The correct handling of our closures:

Gently operate the slider. If it does not close or open, you should check if the bag is too full or if something is stuck between the zipper teeth. Pulling at an angle can negatively affect the zippers (e.g. in their tightness). Avoid overstretching the end pieces and do not pull the two sides of the zipper forcefully apart. Please take care not to fold or squeeze the zipper. Make sure that the slider is correctly positioned in the port to guarantee tightness. Especially with the TIZIP model a little bit of force is needed. This is necessary, however, so that the closure remains waterproof and does not open during use.


The right cleaning:

Due to the smooth surface, the backpack is easy to clean and dirt can be rinsed off well. Clean it by hand in water at 30 degrees Celsius. Do not put it in the washing machine, otherwise zippers could be kinked.

particles of dirt, especially between the individual teeth of the zippers, can affect the tightness and durability. Therefore you should care for the zippers regularly.

For cleaning the MasterSeal closure TIZIP recommends a light soap solution and a fine brush. Do not use any solvents or aggressive cleaning agents, as these will negatively affect the function of the zipper.