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On a canoe trip on the Isar...

The JOPAT outdoor backpack in a canoe on a rafting tour. Protects your equipment perfectly from water!

... I packed my luggage as usual: clothing, mobile phone, and wallet in plastic bags, those together with some food in a spacious duffel bag. That wasn't exactly neat. Getting to the mobile phone quickly to capture the beauty of nature was also difficult. So I had the idea to create a backpack, which provides orderliness and comfort, but also can withstand the forces of the Isar.

At that time I spent a lot of time in the office. I wanted to unite these two worlds and design a chic, elegant backpack for city life, integrating the requirements of an outdoor product.

Different version of a waterproof backpack.

The initial idea became a project with a lot of passion.

Der Gründer Joshua zusammen mit dem JOPAT backpack.

Numerous friends are working with me on this project, testing prototypes, making suggestions for the design or helping me to build this website. Out of the love for detail and the desire to create something special, this backpack was created.

Almost two years full of challenges and risks have been involved in this project. The result is a backpack that regularly generates positive feedback and is as perfect as I imagined it would be back on the Isar. It convinces with its quality and love of detail.

The backpack on a bicycle tour along the Isar - leaning against a washed-up tree trunk.

In January 2021, the time had come!

We went into crowdfunding with our JOPAT BACKPACK and were able to collect pre-orders of over 26,000 Euros (Here's our campaign)! This amount corresponds to the minimum order quantity from our supplier. In February, the production of the individual components started. Summer 2021 we will also be able to offer our two models in our online store just in time for the outdoor season!

Every support, idea, or feedback is greatfully received.

We are looking forward to your message via mail, Instagram or Facebook!

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