On a canoe trip on the Isar...


The JOPAT outdoor backpack in a canoe on a rafting tour. Protects your equipment perfectly from water!


...I packed my luggage as usual: clothes, mobile phone and wallet in plastic bags, these together with the snack in a spacious duffel bag. Order looks different.

When I wasn't on the Isar, I spent a lot of time in the office. Being practical, the idea came up for a backpack that would ensure order and carrying comfort for everyday city life, but would also be able to withstand the forces of nature.

Numerous friends are working on this project, making suggestions for the design, filming the crowdfunding video or helping to design our online boutique.

JOPAT BACKPACK zu Besuch bei TIZIP - der Lieferant für unsere wasserdichten Reißverschlüsse.

During the development phase, we also got to know most of our suppliers from Germany, China and Sweden personally. A trusting business relationship with the suppliers is essential as a premium product provider, but a friendly one is even better. Here is a photo when we visited our supplier for our waterproof zippers at the end of 2021.

This backpack was created from the desire to create something special.

It impresses with its quality and attention to detail.

Der perfekte Rucksack für den Alltag!

Our crowdfunding video

In January 2021 the time had come!

We went into crowdfunding with our JOPAT BACKPACK and were able to collect pre-orders of over 26,000 euros! With this amount we were able to finance the minimum order quantity from our supplier.

Click here for our crowdfunding campaign!

Both JOPAT versions are now also available in our online boutique!

In addition, we already have the first dealers who also offer our JOPAT BACKPACK in stationary trade!

We look forward to your visit to our Instagram and Facebook page!